About Me

I am Aditya Patawari, a Linux systems engineer with half a decade of experience. I strongly subscribe to DevOps ideology. I do a lot of "behind the scenes" stuff, including server management, config management, monitoring etc. I also have experience in managing cloud based as well as co-located datacenters.

In past, I have worked at Directi Internet Technologies and BrowserStack.com as systems engineer and Devops. I have managed over a thousand servers at BrowserStack.com in hybrid environment, cloud based and multiple co-located datacenters. I have led automation and config management efforts and built and led DevOps and Systems Engineering teams. I have built infrastructure that can scale to serve millions of requests everyday.

I contribute to Fedora Project in various capacities, including rpm packaging, Cloud Working Group and Infra team. I am primary maintainer for fedora-dockerfiles package and have contributed to several projects in config management and container ecosystem.

I have contributed to Fedora Infra team as an apprentice. I have created a Fedora spin for Netbooks and spin off named Fedora For Kids. I was also among the first batch of Fedora Summer Coding (now known as Fedora Students Contributing) graduate and was funded to build a KDE based Netbook Spin which involved splitting several large packages and integrating KDE Netbook workspace. I wrote for OpenLogic, Inc’s WAZI blog for sometime.

I have been a speaker at Flock, FUDCon, NELF, GNUnify, Rootconf, FOSSAsia, Devops Days, CentOS Dojo and have delivered talks on Puppet, Ansible, Project Atomic, Kubernetes, Docker, Git, infrastructure scalability and various other topics. I have slides and videos uploaded here.

I can be reached at aditya AT adityapatawari DOT com.