Traning and Consultancy

I am a professional trainer and consultant for a variety of DevOps tools.


Docker is the industry standard and production ready containerization solution. It helps improving the security by isolating processes. It is also more cost effective and efficient than virtual machines because it is able to pack many more isolated environments on a single bare-metal.

I am a Docker power-user and have managed production grade Docker container clusters and have conducted workshops and training sessions for several organizations. I have contributed to several open sourced projects in Docker and container ecosystem.

I conduct one day and two day training sessions to help users understand various Docker concepts, from installation to building highly available and orchestrated Docker clusters.

I also consult to containerize existing applications and setup production grade environments for running Docker clusters.


Ansible is an open-source orchestration and config management tool. It is powerful and versatile enough to be used in multiple scenarios at the same time. Not only orchestration and config management, Ansible can be used for remote execution as well.

I have five years of experience in orchestration, out of which three years have been exclusively on Ansible. I have managed Ansible code base and have conducted hands-on training sessions for various organizations.

I conduct a one day training sessions to help users understand Ansible concepts, right from installation to managing a typical production environment.

I also consult to help devops teams write playbooks and roles in Ansible and enforce Ansible best practices.

Amazon Web Services/Google Cloud

Cloud providers have ensured that our capabilities to scale the applications does not get impacted by availability of infrastructure.

I have five years of experience in creating and managing scalable cloud based infrastructure. I give special attention to ensure that the applications are deployed and run in a secure manner by using core networking concepts of creating virtual private clouds and strong firewalls rules.

I conduct one or two day sessions to give a hands-on taste of AWS or Google Cloud to users and appraise them with best practices of running applications in cloud based infrastructures.

I also consult to help organizations build a secure and scalable cloud deployment.

Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring is important for any organization which is serious about their business.

I can help you deploy a suitable monitoring solution like New Relic or Nagios to help you monitor your infrastructure and applications. Next time, you would know about health of your infrastructure and applications before your users.